18 of the Most Absurdly Expensive Toys in the World

  • May 19, 2014
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Everyone loves toys. It’s okay, you can admit it, whenever you find yourself in a department store you at least wander past the toy section and sneak a look at the latest action figures adorning the shelves. Of course, while those toys are getting pretty expensive in their own right at this point, they don’t hold a candle to some toys that are out there on the market, or even some of the toys you knew and loved as a kid, when it comes to a price tag. These are some of the most absurdly expensive toys in the world, just in case you have an extra thousand laying around for some ridiculous stocking stuffers this year.


Hot Wheels Rear Loading Beach Bomb

That’s not a giant, working van right there, that’s a pretty standard little Hot Wheels car that was made in 1969 and goes for the not-so-standard Hot Wheels price of around $100,000 at auction.


Diamond Scrabble

That’s a regular version of the board game Scrabble, except for the part about it being made of diamonds and being sold for tens of thousands of dollars.


Henes Broon F-Series Luxury Kids Car

Now, you can actually get this for under $1,000, making it one of the most reasonably priced items on this list, but we have to include a kid’s toy car that includes leather seats, an MP3 player, and a detachable Android tablet.


Nintendo Wii Supreme

Now this is an expensive toy. The Nintendo Wii Supreme, which as you can tell from the pictures is coated in actual gold, can be yours for the low price of about $500,000.


White Gold Pacifier

Okay, so while a pacifier isn’t technically a toy in the traditional sense, we have to include any item geared toward children that’s made of white gold and retails at a little under $20,000.


New England Lodge Playhouse

Kids love playing in little clubhouses, but you’d probably be better off just building one yourself rather than dropping more than $50,000 on this little house that has the options to add cable TV and air conditioning.


Lamborghini Aventador 1/8 Scale Model Car

For the record, at $4.8 million, this small toy car is vastly more expensive than the real thing, thanks to it being adorned with diamonds and platinum.


Grand Crimson Dragon

You would think that for just under $14,000 this giant “toy” dragon would be something a kid could actually play with, rather than just admiring it and using it as decoration.


Child’s Mercedes 500 SL 2-Seater

Coming in with a price tag of $9,492, it would almost be a better idea to just find your six year old an actual used Mercedes and buy him that than this absurdly overpriced toy.