18 Bizarre Phobias People Actually Have

  • May 19, 2014
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It’s natural to be scared of things. After all, it’d be a little ludicrous to never get frightened, whether your fears revolve around sharks, snakes, spiders, death, or, most understandably of all, clowns. But even with the often very reasonable and understandable phobias out there, people have reportedly been terrified of the most peculiar and seemingly innocuous things imaginable over the years, and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t quite figure out what could possibly be so scary about some of these things. With that in mind, here are some of the most peculiar phobias you’re ever likely to hear about.


Fear of No Phone Service

It seems like this one has to have been made up, but believe it or not people have reported a crippling fear of being without their cell phones, though the scariest part to us is the fact that actual scientists have studied and determined this to be a legitimate fear.


Fear of Sitting

For most of us, the chance to get off of our feet and relax on a nice, comfortable couch is always a good thing, but believe it or not there are people who suffer from kathisophobia, which is the fear of sitting down.


Fear of Opening Your Eyes

The scientific term for this is ophthalmophobia, and we have to imagine this sort of thing was first discovered when someone tried to watch the sequel to the movie the Human Centipede, in which case it’s totally understandable.


Fear of Words

People suffering from verbophobia or logophobia will no doubt be terrified of this website, for example, since they have a staggering fear of words, which has certainly got to make life tough but also makes them the easiest Scrabble opponent in history.


Fear of Work

The most relatable phobia on this list, ergophobia is the fear of work, and of heading into a workplace environment, meaning that this is basically the real version of having a case of the Mondays.


Fear of Laughter

If you’ve ever wanted to be a stand-up comedian and no one ever laughs at your jokes, just reassure yourself that the entire audience was probably suffering from geliophobia, which is the actual fear of laughter.


Fear of Numbers

For anyone who is just horrible at math, and struggles to literally put two and two together, why not just claim to have arithmophobia, which is the fear of math? Surely your math teacher has to take that into account before giving you that calculus test, right?


Fear of Clouds

It’s hard to imagine anyone being deathly afraid of clouds, especially since you never actually encounter them aside from an airplane flight, but there are some people who apparently believe that the clouds are up there, plotting and scheming against humanity.


Fear of Learning

It really does feel like some of these phobias were invented just as an excuse to avoid doing schoolwork, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, there are people who claim to have a crippling fear of learning, also known as sophophobia.