17 Rarely Seen Pictures of Celebrities - History in Pictures

  • September 12, 2014
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Microsoft, 1978

And speaking of nerds… Here’s one of the most iconic images in American business. A bunch of bearded, weird looking nerds, gathered together for an awkward family picture. Usually this picture is captioned with “Would you have invested?” There are bunch of sites online that estimate how much money you’d make if you had the opportunity to do so and how much money each person in this picture has today. I’ll spare you the torture, but if you’re curious, you can look up for yourself.


Salvador Dali, 1948 (By Philippe Halsman)

Picture is titled Dali Atomicus and is perhaps the most iconic image that has emerged from the Philippe Halsman’s collaboration with the world’s most famous surrealist. This photograph is a portrait of Dalí inspired by his painting Leda Atomica (1949) a painting which depicts Dali’s wife Gala as Leda, the mythological queen of Sparta.


The Rolling Stones, 1963

Looking at this picture it is hard to imagine these five fine lads being identified as rebellious band, the originators of counterculture that were going to bring the music and some even said pop culture and civilization in whole as we know it to an end. It is really interesting to think how much the world we live in has changed since the 1963 when this picture was taken. Back then all it took to be seen and characterized as a rebel was a slightly longish hair, reaching top of your ears, a cigarette or two and an unbuttoned suit. Today, best case scenario, these fellas would be called nerds.


Steve Buscemi's Elementary School Yearbook Photo

Steve Buscemi is not among the prettiest Hollywood actors. He doesn't have that classical beauty, his face features aren't all perfectly symmetrical, but they are definitely impressive and striking. You can say he is one of those people that are born with an old man’s face. When you compare his pictures today and this one from the time when he was in his Elementary school, you can notice he has hardly changed!


Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney doing the dishes, 1983

It is easy to see why two great musical legends Sir Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson would have had a close friendship. One was a member of the world’s most influential musical bands and the other rising pop star that sprung him into a whirlwind of success. So when someone says these two persons were working together, you expect at least some great pop song emerging from that. Doing dishes is probably the last thing that comes to your mind.