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  • September 12, 2014
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Frank Sinatra playing cards with his dog

Many stories were woven around the figure and acts of Frank Sinatra. Aside from having the voice of an angel and irresistibly charming big blue eyes the whole America loved him for, Sinatra is said to have been linked to mafia and having his hands deep in as a CIA agent. And in a book his daughter Tina has published, she claims that Big Blues was involved in helping John F. Kennedy win the crucial West Virginia primary election in 1960. We’ll never know for sure what’s true from these stories about his life and what is plane fiction, but one thing is for sure - the man was a player and had a serious poker face. Many weren't able to read him, but that was apparently no problem for his Spaniel puppy dog whom he loved and cherished dearly.


Robert De Niro's taxicab licence, used while preparing for his role in Taxi Driver, 1976

The Taxi Driver was a legendary role for Robert de Niro that shot his acting career straight to the stars with the unforgettable “You talkin’ to me?” line that some even say was a complete improvisation created by the de Niro entirely and was never in the script in the first place. This movie classic and a true landmark in pop culture and movie history of the twentieth century was directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Paul Schrader. The whole movie is a long preparation for the massacre. Travis Bickle (played by de Niro) is a Vietnam war veteran and an ex-marine that works as a taxi driver in New York. We follow him through his lonely, impotent, insomniac nights and days waiting for the suffocating tension to grow enough until the final boiling point when it all ends with an orgasmic carnage. Robert de Niro was absolutely superb as Travis and you can see his dedication and him staying in the character even for the photo shoot for the fake taxicab licence made for this movie. It is truly impressive.


John Travolta, 1977

Now, this is something special! It is simply impossible for me to remain serious while looking at this picture of John Travolta taken almost 40 years ago. Yes, we’ve all seen him in the Saturday Night Fever twisting and shaking his booty, but somehow looking at him in this casual captain Morgan pose with a dorky grin on his face makes me instantaneously burst laughing out loud.


Original SNL cast, late 1970s

This is one true piece of history, an image of the original Saturday Night Live cast taken back in the 1970. It is funny how futile their efforts to look serious are. It’s like the harder they try to appear serious, the funnier they look.


Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet fooling around on the set of 'Titanic'

When James Cameron’s movie Titanic released in 1997 it was such a huge success at the box office all over the world. Everybody came to see the sad love story of a rich aristocrat girl and a poor artist on a luxurious trans Atlantic ship (both doomed to fail). I remember watching it with my girl friends and sobbing not as much because of the over 2000 people that really drowned and froze to death, as much we were devastated by Leo’s death in particular.


Stephen Hawking with then-wife Jane Wilde, 1965

First of all, let me say that I truly respect Dr. Stephen Hawking and his incredible work and accomplishments in the field of theoretical physics and cosmology, especially his immense contribution to the black holes and baby universes theory. Now, having that said, may I just add “Shag-a-licious, Baby!” I’m sorry, I had to. It was stronger than me. They simply look so nerdy! I believe I speak for everybody when I say this picture is simply brilliant, pure gold. This is what historic photography is all about. Providing insight and shedding light on lesser-known side of stories and someone’s life.