17 Rarely Seen Pictures of Celebrities - History in Pictures

  • September 12, 2014
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It’s really difficult not to fall into a trap of using cliché phrases like ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and similar while watching these old photographs below. Just one look at these still images can take you back in time and open the door of secret inner world each person carries inside himself. These are true pieces of history and rare celebrity memorabilia brought to you by Weird Worm.

It feels somewhat weird and peculiar looking at the images of world-known celebrities, historical figures and household names in totally different context. Seeing them doing their everyday and mundane activities like house chores, washing dishes or just hanging out and fooling around seems like a dropout from what we’re used to seeing them.


Tom Cruise & Sean Penn, 1981

Most of the people never realized that these two great actors used to hang out and spend much time together, especially because of their completely different personalities. Later, as time has shown, they both managed to have great acting careers with lots of success, fame and fortune, but still with few differences. One of them married Madonna and the other took up a path of a couch-molesting Scientologist.


Henry Ford dressed as a cowboy with Thomas Edison, 1923

Who knew Henry Ford was into cosplay? And who knows, maybe Edison was also dressed up but with far less success, because he didn’t want to bother and make too much effort knowing that the Ford will obviously steal the spotlight. Anyhow, the picture is simply brilliant, a true piece of history. It sheds light on these two men’s true personalities and helps us learn to know them a little better.


The Four Romanov Sisters of Russia, 1906

This intimate portrait of the four doomed Romanov grand duchesses is both hauntingly sad and beautiful at the same time. The empty stare in their innocent eyes tells about the inevitability of the horror story that is going to happen. After the February revolution in 1917, the whole family including Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, which was the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, the four daughters (Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia) and the young Alexei were moved to Ekaterinburg and shot.


Jimi Hendrix in uniform during his time in the US Army, 1961

You might not be aware of this little life peculiarity of the world’s best left-handed guitarist, but Jimi Hendrix spent two years 1961-1962 in military. According to Wikipedia he got into trouble with the law twice for riding in stolen cars. He was given a choice between spending two years in prison or joining the Army. Hendrix chose the latter and enlisted on May 31, 1961. He was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division.


Clint Eastwood, 1959

Now, Clint Eastwood is just one of those old-school, no bullshit, utterly cool, ‘manly man’ persons and it would be really weird seeing him in an anyway different state of mind. Even during his pastime he seems incredibly cool. Have you ever seen a man staring at an album cover and looking so tough?


Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis on the set of Ghostbusters

On September 16th this year it will be the 30th anniversary since this supernatural comedy Ghostbusters was released to theatres worldwide, making the already famous actor Bill Murray into something of the 80’s icon and thus an online god in this era when those 80s kids (author of these lines included) have grown up. The simplest way of describing what has become known as ‘Bill Murray phenomenon’ is through a concrete example. For instance, whenever Murray does or allegedly does something odd and/or unexpected to a stranger in public (like, for instance, join a group for karaoke or proffer a noogie), he supposedly says (or whispers) “No one will ever believe you.” I can’t really put my finger on to it and figure out what is it that makes Bill Murray so incredibly popular online today. But it probably has a lot to do with his ability to creep into regular people’s everyday lives and his whole nonchalance and attitude toward being famous. He seems just like a really sensitive, down to Earth kind of guy with an incredible sense of humor and that’s probably what makes everybody love him.