17 of the Most Horrifying Torture Devices Ever Conceived

  • June 30, 2014
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Lead Sprinkler

It’s really annoying when someone keeps flicking water at you, right? Well now imagine that water being replaced with molten lead, and you can imagine that it’s elevated from “annoying” to downright horrifying.


Scold’s Bridle

Designed specifically for women, because back in Medieval times dudes really wanted to tell their ladies to just shut up, this mask would lock the woman’s mouth shut while also piercing her tongue in order to teach her to stop nagging or gossiping.


Crocodile Shears

One of the most terrifying prospects for a man is to lose his, um, manhood, and the Crocodile Shears were designed specifically for that, as they were heated and used to rip the penis right off of the victim’s body.


Heretic’s Fork

This would be strapped around the neck of the victim, with the sharp prongs jammed under the jaw and into the clavicle area, making virtually any movement of the head or mouth impossible unless you wanted to have the underside of your jaw pierced.



Also known as a hanging cage, gibbeting was the basically putting a living victim into a tight cage in public and, basically, just leaving them there, incapable of moving or eating, until they died and became food for the crows or vultures.


Punishing Shoes

It’s uncomfortable enough to walk around with, say, a little rock in your shoe, so imagine tight metal shoes designed specifically to jab your heel with little spikes every time you take a step.


The Boots

Let’s move from shoes to boots as we talk about something straight out of the movie Misery, as this method of torture involved placing blocks of wood between two planks of wood, with wedges being hammered to tighten them, shattering the shins of the victim in the process.


The Head Crusher

The name pretty much says it all here, as this horrific device would pin a victim’s head into what is basically a giant, skull shaped vice, slowly crushing the head with each tightening twist of the screw.