15 of the Scariest Urban Legends From Around the World

  • May 06, 2015
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The Choking Doberman

A slightly lesser known urban legend tells about how a couple returns home to find their Doberman choking on something, and take him to the vet, only when they return home the frantic vet calls urging them to get out of the house, because the object the dog was choking on was a human finger.


The Body Under the Bed

There’s not much more horrifying than the possibility of checking into a hotel room and discovering later that there’s a dead body hidden either under or inside the bed, is there? Especially since there are actual cases of this one happening a few times in real life.


The Missing Bride

In a case of hide and seek going terribly wrong, this legend tells of a wedding party that includes that game being played, with the bride sneaking into the attic and hiding in an old chest – the only problem is no one is able to find her, and years later her body is discovered in the chest, the lid having accidentally locked shut.


Someone's in the Backseat

There are several variations of this, but the most common involves a woman stopping at a gas station being creeped out by the attendant trying to get her to come inside with him – only to discover when it’s already too late that he was trying to save her from a knife-wielding maniac hiding in the backseat.


Carmen Winstead

A strong case for the whole “don’t bully people” can be made through the legend of Carmen Winstead, a teenager who was pushed down a sewer and died from her injuries, only to return to seek vengeance against her killers.