15 Athletes Who Would Thrive in the Zombie Apocalypse

  • October 14, 2015
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Most of us have given thought about what we’d do if we were stuck in the zombie apocalypse. If you’re anything like us, you map out an escape route wherever you go no matter how insane that might sound to anyone you actually tell that little detail to, but those guys won’t be laughing when the zombies come and you’re the only one with an actual plan.

Of course some people are naturally better equipped to survive in a zombie apocalypse, like for example the truly elite athletes in the world. Chances are the most athletic, competitive people in the world of pro sports would do alright, but there are some world class athletes who would have a real leg up. These are the athletes we would want by our side when squaring off against a horde of zombies.


Jared Allen

Not only is football player Jared Allen a big, strong, fierce athlete and competitor, but he’s also famous for his passion and ability to hunt - something that would come in quite handy in an apocalypse.


LeBron James

There may not be a more physically perfect athlete on the planet than King James, who was also an all-State football player in high school in addition to being the best hoops player in the world.


Kohei Uchimura

Not only is Kohei Uchimura one of the greatest gymnasts in history, but his actual nickname is “Superman” so, yeah, he’d be a good guy to have by your side in the apocalypse.


Ashton Eaton

Just like Kohei, Ashton Eaton is just one of those guys you want to have around because he can do a little bit of everything athletically as an Olympic decathlete.


Usain Bolt

Who in the world would be a better asset if you need something to be retrieved quickly in the middle of a zombie horde than the fastest man on the planet?


Joe Thomas

Measuring in at 6’7” and over 300 pounds, Joe Thomas is a massive dude skilled in the art of protection, and is one of the quickest and most powerful offensive linemen in history.


Greg Biffle

It’s always nice to have a world class driver to get you in and out of dangerous areas, and as a pretty huge bonus, he’s a licensed helicopter and airplane pilot.


Ronda Rousey

You can’t have an all-guy team in the zombie apocalypse, and Ronda Rousey is about as good a female ally you could ask for with her ability to knock people out in a matter of seconds.