14 Painfully Awkward Family Photos You Have to See to Believe

  • January 10, 2015
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Is Their Couch Made of Wookiees?

Horrifying to think that the family tore up all of that couch fabric to make their outfits and replaced it with Chewbacca’s furry pelt.


This Dog is a Hero

This kid didn’t realize it at the time, but the family dog was trying to do him a favor by chasing him out of the shot.


Johnny Lawrence was Doomed from his Early Days

Johnny Lawrence was Doomed from his Early Days

You’ll never guess what this family enjoys doing in their spare time, other than socially stunting little Johnny Lawrence for life in awkward photos.


And That Family is Still Stuck in the Tree

This one is more fun if you imagine the photographer was just messing with them and seeing what ridiculous things he could get them to do.


Zack Morris Isn’t as Cool as You Remember

The ironic part is that you can tell by looking at them they don’t actually have any friends to really call.


So Much Awkwardness, So Little Time

Really, take your pick from this image: the hair, the shorts, the perm on that guy on the left, or the fact that they’re way too thrilled to be visiting South Dakota. It’s all golden.


There Are No Words…

Seriously, we’ll pretend this photo never happened if you do, too. We can only imagine the photographer smashed his camera after the shoot as well.