14 Painfully Awkward Family Photos You Have to See to Believe

  • January 10, 2015
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No one likes sitting down and taking family photos. After all, it’s always such a weird feeling to have a photographer posing you just a little too close to your siblings and telling you to turn your head at such drastic angles that Linda Blair in The Exorcist would think to be a bit much. But as much as we all fight being in family photos, we inevitably give in because mom really, desperately wants them done, and frankly whatever she says, goes.

Of course that doesn’t mean that family photos turn out particularly well. And for as poorly as you think yours turned out, there are many out there that your friends and coworkers don’t want you to see thanks to the sheer humiliation that would come along with them. We’re not sure whether to blame the photographers or the families, but someone really should have paid the price for these incredibly awkward family portraits.


One of the Downsides to Having a Big Family

The best part about this is not the striped pants or the weird look on the face of the kid second from the right; it’s the fact that mom and dad clearly anticipated the awfulness and bolted.


Where the Heck is Indigo?

We like to assume there was another child set to play “indigo” but when he refused his parents shipped him off to boarding school, which turned out to be the best day of his life.


Poor Grandpa Needed Hip Surgery After This

Right now he’s wondering why he even bothered fighting in World War II if this was how his family repays him.


Santa Skipped Their House, Presumably

Because let’s be honest, posing for a photo like this doesn’t even make you deserving of a lump of coal in your stocking.


Someone Get the ASPCA on the Phone

This has to count as mistreatment of that cat, right?


Looks Like Mom’s Trying to Earn That Kiss from Santa

Meanwhile, the kid on the left is clearly trying to break his own ankle to get out of taking this picture. Nice effort, kid.


Only Later Did They Notice the Naked Man in the Back

It turns out it was a housebreaking, nudist vagabond the whole time but mom’s hair looked so good she decided to keep the photo anyway.