13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Fallout Series

  • December 07, 2015
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For those who either spend their time under a rock or, more appropriately, have been trapped in an underground Vault for the past 200 years, the Fallout series is a wildly popular video game franchise. In each installment, you take on the role of a post-apocalyptic survivor in a barren wasteland of what used to be the United States, try to survive, and fight unholy monsters like – and Fallout players will shudder when they hear this name – Deathclaws.

The latest installment, Fallout 4, was just recently released and has been flying off the shelves. Here are some thing you may not know about this epic, sprawling, brilliant franchise.


Fallout 4 Has More Dialogue Than Fallout 3 and Oblivion Combined

More than 13,000 lines of dialogue were recorded for Fallout 4, because as everyone knows, people play these games to hear people talk, and not to blast the head off of a Super Mutant with a high-powered minigun, right?


Matthew Perry is a Fallout Super Nerd

Matthew Perry, most famous as Chandler on Friends, became such a vocal fan of Fallout 3 that they actually cast him in one of the voice acting roles in Fallout: New Vegas as a thank you.


Combat in the New Fallout Games was Modeled on Action Figures

Specifically, Incredibles action figures. The VATS fighting system was designed by Grant Struthers as he was playing with some action figures based on the movie The Incredibles.


You Can Tip Cows in Fallout 3

Well technically, they’re called “Brahmins” but if you sneak up on them, you can actually practice the old, countryside hobby of cow-tipping. Perfect for any first date in the post apocalyptic wasteland!


You Used to be Able to Shoot Enemies in the Junk

In the original Fallout games, numbers 1 and 2, you could target an opponent’s nether regions if you felt so inclined. Sadly, this option was removed starting with Fallout 3, presumably because gamers were already too busy teabagging victims in Halo.


Fallout 3 Features a Very Real, Playable Text-Based Adventure Game

At one point in Fallout 3, on one particular computer terminal, you can find a fully playable text-based adventure game called Reign of Grelok. If you get bored with things like “graphics” and “blowing up Mirelurks” then it’ll give you a nice reprieve.


The Location of Fallout 4 was Given in Fallout 3

And by the way, it should be mentioned that Fallout 4 is technically the fifth in the series, following New Vegas. Either way, Fallout 4 is set in Boston, referred to as “The Commonwealth”…an area that was referenced a few times in Fallout 3. People with sharp ears could have guessed where the new game would be set.