13 Everyday Items You’ve Been Using Completely Wrong

  • January 03, 2016
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When it comes to most of the products you’ve got laying around the house, they seem pretty straightforward and simple to use. Even if there aren’t basic instructions printed on the back, most of the things you use on a daily basis are so self-explanatory that you feel comfortable skipping those instructions anyway. Unfortunately for you, it turns out that maybe you should have paid a little more attention, because you’ve been absolutely botching the correct way to use them.

Here are some items you probably use just about every day, that you had no idea you were using completely wrong.


Chinese Takeout Containers

You may have never even thought to try this, but did you know that the containers your Chinese food comes in fold down into plates?


Soda Can Tabs

Soda can tabs aren’t just used for opening up your favorite soft drink. You’re actually also supposed to use the hole in the tab as a straw holder. That is, if you like drinking your soda in the most embarrassing way possible.


Beer Bottles

You haven’t only been using your soda cans wrong, you’re also probably holding your beer bottles wrong. Holding the bottle down low causes your body heat to warm up your adult beverage. You’re supposed to hold it by the long, thin neck, which doesn’t heat up the beer as much.


Aluminum Foil

Next time you decide to make a tin foil hat to keep the government out, note the tabs on the sides of the box. Pop those and the roll will be held in place inside the box, making dispensing the foil easier.


Pots and Pans

You really shouldn’t place your spoons on the counter when you’re making a sauce or anything else in one of your pots and pans. Most handles on pots and pans have a little hole in which you can place the spoon to keep it away from the bacteria on the surface.


Tic Tacs

You probably need these to combat what we can only assume is terrible breath, but Tic Tacs are a pain to get out of their small, plastic prisons. There’s a little reservoir in the lid, however, that’s designed to let you slide a single Tic Tac into for easier access.


Wooden Spoons

Let’s back up into the kitchen for a moment – if you place a wooden spoon over the top of a pot of boiling water, it will prevent the contents from boiling over and making a hot, scalding mess on your stovetop.