13 Creepy Photos That Will Convince You Ghosts Are Real

  • April 27, 2016
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The Amityville Ghost Girl

You’ve heard of the supposedly true story, later turned into multiple movies, about the Amityville house, right? Well, check out this photo taken during the actual investigation, when no one was actually in the home. Take a close look, and let us know when you see it, and try not to wet yourself.


The Class Picture Ghost

We aren’t sure if that’s a ghost, or a little demon child, but whoever it was trying desperately to photobomb this school picture. Whose hand is that, anyway? We don’t know – and frankly, we don’t want to know.


The Boothill Cemetery Ghost

You might have heard of Boothill Cemetery, a famous burial ground in the Old West. This photo was actually taken about 15-20 years ago, with the “cowboy” just dressed up to look the part. But that strange, unexplained guy in the hat, crouching back behind him? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.


The Arm Grabbing Ghost

Hey look, it’s just a couple of friends, posing for a photo while out on the town. What could go wrong? Well, maybe a mysterious, blurry specter could come out of nowhere and grab one of them by the freaking arm. That’s a pretty good buzzkill for a night of partying, if you ask us.


The Mysterious Baby

A mother visited the grave of her dead daughter and took a photo, only when it came back from being developed, it showed what appeared to be a ghostly toddler sitting on the grave. Weirdest part? It’s wasn’t even her daughter – the mother didn’t recognize the child captured in the picture.


Curtis Johnston

A young man took a photo and posted it on social media, only to notice what appeared to be the ghostly image of a woman floating behind him. It turns out, the specter looked exactly like a woman named Curtis Johnston, who disappeared in 2001.