13 Creepy Photos That Will Convince You Ghosts Are Real

  • April 27, 2016
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It seems to be split more or less down the middle when you ask a group of people about whether they believe in ghosts. Even if you don’t believe such a thing is possible, there’s no denying that the very notion of ghosts is remarkably prevalent throughout modern culture. You’ve got television shows about hunting ghosts and, of course, movies like Ghostbusters about, well, busting ghosts.

But even the biggest ghost skeptics have to admit that, now and then, they get a weird chill walking into certain dark and scary places, and might even jump a bit at mysterious noises that could very well just be the house settling. And then, of course, there’s the photographic evidence that will make you want to sleep with the lights on.


The Woman at Corroboree Rock

Taken in 1959 in Australia, this scenic landscape photo seems to be of a cluster of trees. But then you look a little more closely, and notice what appears to be the specter of a woman standing dead center. No pun intended.


The Lady of Worstead Church

At first glance, you’d think this is just some woman sitting in a church pew, with another person taking up residence uncomfortably close behind her. That is until you realize that, according to everyone present, that lady in white wasn’t actually there.


The Ghost Pilot

Hey, old people need hobbies, too, so why wouldn’t this elderly lady decide to take up piloting? Well, when her co-pilot appears to be a transparent man who wasn’t actually there, it might put you off of flying for just a little bit.


The Decebal Hotel Ghost

Look carefully at the top of the stairs. This photograph could just be of some woman hiding in the shadows, right? At least, until you realize that the woman, in what appears to be an old fashioned gown, appears at a time when this hotel in Romania was under construction in 2008.


Freddy Jackson

There doesn’t seem to be anything amiss about this photo at first glance. It’s just a picture of some World War I soldiers…but then you realize that one of the men pictured, Freddy Jackson, was killed in action two days before the photo was taken.


Lord Combermere

First of all, we feel badly for this ghost. The poor guy doesn’t appear to have any legs. This photo, taken in 1891, shows a man who family members claimed, after seeing the picture, was Lord Combermere – whose funeral was taking place at the exact time of the photo.


The Waverly Hills Ghost

Waverly Hills is notorious as one of the most haunted places in America. The abandoned sanatorium in Kentucky has been the subject of many ghost hunts, and with pictures like this one, seemingly showing a ghost woman, you can understand why.