12 Pictures That Show Just How Insane North Korea Is

  • January 27, 2016
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In case you’ve been living under a rock, or in a militaristic nation run by an insane dictator who controls everything in the media, North Korea is a little bit on the “crazy” side. It’s hard for most of us to imagine just how insane the country is, and we can only feel badly for its average citizens under the rule of a narcissistic wannabe dictator who is desperately trying to befriend NBA stars and launching nuclear missiles that don’t work.

But here are some images taken by a photographer named Eric Lafforgue, which he then smuggled out of the country, that should give you a much better idea of just how bizarre and crazy life in North Korea truly is.


Soldiers Engage in Manual Labor

There’s nothing wrong with doing a little manual labor, but given the militaristic reputation of North Korea, it’s extremely bizarre to see photos like this one of a soldier randomly toting wood.


Poor Children are Put to Work Early

Poverty is rampant in North Korea, and little kids like the ones above are put to work at an early age to help their families just try to scrape by.


Cars are So Rare that Kids Play in the Street

Amazingly, cars have never been very prevalent in North Korea, so it’s not unusual to see little kids just playing in the middle of a city street, unaware of the dangers that the steadily growing number of cars presents.


Soldiers Need to Hitchhike to Get Anywhere

Public transportation is basically nonexistent in North Korea, and you actually need a permit to travel around the country. It’s a pretty common sight to see actual, active soldiers needing to hitchhike just to get anywhere.


Showing Wealth is Strictly Forbidden

Apparently North Korea is equal opportunity when it comes to trying to hide both poverty and opulence. You’re not supposed to show off your wealth in North Korea, unless of course you’re Kim Jong Un.


You Can’t Show Hunger

With poverty comes hunger, and people in North Korea often struggle to find anything to eat. However, it’s not permitted to take any photos of people struggling with hunger, because apparently denial is a very popular thing with the government.