12 Infamous Cases of People Simply Vanishing

  • December 17, 2015
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It’s a pretty terrifying thought, to simply vanish without a trace. Imagine the family members worried sick, never knowing for sure what happened. Imagine the investigations, perpetually stalling out because no one has any real clues by which to go on. Every time there seems to be a lead, or a witness who swears he knows the truth, it fizzles and you’re right back at square one.

And amazingly, it’s not just us anonymous, every day people who go missing, either. Sometimes well known, famous, and notorious people simply disappear without any sign of where they went. Here are some of the most mysterious famous disappearances in history.


Jimmy Hoffa

Perhaps the most infamous missing person of all-time, this easily corrupted union leader is rumored to have been helped in his vanishing act by members of the mafia. His remains have never been found.


Bison Dele

You may not immediately recognize the name, but if you’re a basketball fan who grew up in the 1990s you might remember the player, who was born Brian Williams. The former Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls center went missing at sea, and foul play involving his older brother is suspected.


Azaria Chamberlain

Chances are you don’t know the name here, but you no doubt immediately recognize “A dingo ate my baby!” Chamberlain was an infant who vanished from her home in Australia, and her mother was convicted of murder – only to be released when evidence was found supporting her claim that a dingo really did take the child.


Harold Holt

Speaking of Australian disappearances, this one, amazingly involves a sitting Prime Minister of that nation. Harold Holt went for a swim in 1967, and was never seen or heard from again.


Virginia Dare

Again, this is a name you wouldn’t immediately recognize, but Virginia Dare was the first English settler ever born in the New World in 1587. Her father returned to England to try to earn more money for his young family, and when he returned to America, his daughter and the entire colony – yes, this is the Roanoke colony – was gone.


Frank Morris

If you’re a fan of Clint Eastwood, you know the name Frank Morris – as he’s the character Eastwood played in Escape from Alcatraz. Morris (along with the Anglin brothers) escaped from the inescapable prison, never to be seen again.