11 Stunning Photos of Devastating Disasters

  • April 01, 2016
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Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado (1989)

This was the deadliest tornado in the history of Bangladesh. The storm was one mile wide and followed a fifty mile path. Eighty thousand people saw their homes destroyed. Though there is doubt about the estimate, the death toll was one thousand three hundred, making it the deadliest tornado ever recorded.


Iran Blizzard (1972)

Over the course of six days Iran saw extreme low temperatures and fierce winter storms. Southern Iran saw over twenty feet of snow. Kakkan and Kumar were reported to have no survivors. The final tally of those lost is four thousand.


Haiti Earthquake (2010)

This was only one in a long series of earthquakes in Haiti's history, but is amongst the most destructive. The quake, the fifty-two aftershocks, and a small tsunami that followed have had a lingering effect on Haiti. Damage estimates, particularly loss of life, are thought to have been significantly under-reported by the government.


Santa Maria Eruption (1902)

This was one of the three largest eruptions in recorded history, but a lazy government made the impact much worse. First, Guatamalan officials refused to act, as they were busy with a propaganda festival. Second, those who lost their homes were forced to rebuild damaged buildings with no compensation.


Santa Catarina Mudslide (2008)

After two months of near constant rainfall a massive landslide was triggered that hit sixty towns and over one million people. This disaster was unique in that it received heavy coverage from local bloggers, painting a thorough picture of the storm and recovery process.