11 of the Dumbest Hoaxes From 2015

  • February 01, 2016
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Miss Columbia Suicide

During the Miss Universe pageant host Steve Harvey accidentally announced Miss Columbia as the winner when really Miss Philippines had won. The web was quick to pen a story about how Miss Columbia killed herself shortly after, unable to live with the shame.


Ugly Children Disposal

This image has actually been around since '07, but it made rounds again in 2015 when it was shared by a prominent Twitter user, History in Pictures. In the original photo (from 1928) the sign reads “Please keep off the grass.”


Roswell Footage

In February footage claiming to be from Roswell's Area 51 site surfaced, sparking excitement and confusion among the paranormal community. Ultimately the footage was proven to be taken from a UK film called, fittingly enough, Alien Autopsy.


The Chinese Miner

This heartwarming story of a Chines miner surviving underground for 17 years after a collapse was passed around last October, but while it featured “plausible” details it simply never happened. The story originated with a fake news site.


15 Days of Darkness

This one was debunked by NASA back in 2012, so we're not sure how it managed to spread again in 2015. This “news” story claimed that Earth would be eclipsed in total darkness between November 15 and 29. NASA once again had to explain that the alignment of the planets wouldn't cause total darkness, but we expect this hoax to resurface again and again until the end of the universe.