10 Weird Miniature Versions of Normal Animals

  • March 14, 2010
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Pygmy Marmoset

Taxonomy clearly does not have a prize for originality. What could have been easily called a “Tiny finger-monkey” instead was just called “pygmy” like every other tiny animal. Their bodies (minus tail) grows to be only 6 inches long, and they are apparently fast as hell, so studying them in the wild is pretty much impossible. That said, apparently they can live to be 10-12 in the wild, although I have no idea how they determine that (maybe they just ask?)

pygmy marmoset

Pygmy Marmosets have a complex set of communications open to them; vocal chemical and physical. They whistle when there is danger, and I am assuming they do a mean Charleston when excited. They are omnivores, eat fruit, bugs and even hunting down tiny reptiles (imagine tiny tan Na’vi) but spend most of their time boring tiny monkey holes in trees and drinking their sap, like a miniature primate vampire.


Toy Dogs

I think I speak for all of us when I say, Awww… look at the puppy…. Toy dogs range from annoying (teacup poodles) to awesome (miniature pinschers). They are tiny versions of real regular dogs, and as such, have no real concept that they are, in fact, usually too small to be effective at much of anything. On the other hand, since “adorable” is usually the only requirement in their job description, I can give them some leeway there.

toy dogs

I personally like small dogs, having had a beagle and a beagle-dachshund, and both the full blood (deceased) and my current dog are awesome, and convenient. We also have a dog that weighs around 70 lbs. Guess which one is easier to keep in line?


Pygmy Rabbit

Jesus, another pygm… Awwww, look at the bunny! Pygmy rabbits are made up of equal parts fuzz and cute, mixed together with marshmallow dreams and cotton balls. Seriously, have you ever seen anything so cute in your life? It’s enough to make a demon want to give a little scratch to him.

pygmy rabbit

They are another (Jesus!) endangered species. Nature apparently hates a vacuum, and tiny animals. They top out at one pound and nine inches, and are quite possibly pure evil, because nothing that cute is not hiding something. They come from the west and northwest of the US, and while one subspecies has died out as a pure bloodline, they are being bred with the Idaho variety to make sure they don’t die out entirely. Screw you, nature. Screw you for killing off the closest thing we will ever come to a real life Care Bear or My Little Pony character.


Vechur Cow

Score! A tiny food animal that isn’t endangered! This must be where “sliders” at TGI Friday’s come from. Vechur cows are a rare breed from India (damnit, I guess that means we can’t eat them) that are prized for their superior milk production/food eaten ratio (they eat little and make a shitload of milk). Supposedly a Scottish company tried to patent their genes back in 2000, although they denied the claim, which isn’t surprising. That would be like trying to patent “books” because no one had done it yet.

vechur cow

I could find surprisingly little on these, which is a shame. There is nothing I don’t find interesting about beef, but that is likely due to my addiction to cheeseburgers (I’m kind of like Wimpy from Popeye. Except thinner, with a goatee).


African Pygmy Mouse

African (sigh)Pygmy mice are surprisingly awesome little creatures. They are like some sort of real-world version of a fantasy creature. Get this; they stack pebbles in front of their little mouse burrows at night. Overnight, the pebbles collect dew, which the tiny mouse then runs up and drinks first thing in the morning, before running back to their tiny dens to presumably slumber once more with fairies to the songs of dryads and pixies.

african pygmy mouse

They also have a “unique” arrangement of their chromosomes that leads to the occasional XY chromosome mouse being female. So they are part fairy, part alien and part mouse. Tiny, 1 to 3 inch mouse.

Written by David Dietle – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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