10 Weird Junk Sculptures

  • November 29, 2010
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Art Bin

For six weeks during 2010, British artist Michael Landy filled the South London Gallery with his Art Bin; an interactive installation about bad art. He built a 600m³ transparent container and invited artists everywhere to come and dump their failed works of art.


Over the course of the exhibition over 1000 works of art were tossed into the bin by more than 500 artists, including world famous Brit-artist Damien Hirst. Afterwards, the entire contents of the bin were destroyed and Landy began dreaming up his next installation – an even bigger art bin into which he could throw the first.


Drill-bit City

Japanese artist Enoki Chu is responsible for this mammoth undertaking - an entire city built using discarded items from metalwork shops.


If you look closely you can see drill bits, valves, bolts and circular cutting blades. The future-scape is 3.3 meters tall and 4.6 meters in diameter. Needless to say, he must have had a lot of time on his hands.


We can almost hear the sound of his mother's voice telling him to “clear the table, dinner's ready!”


Schult's 'Trash People'

For German artist H.A Schult, junk has been the focus of an entire career. His long obsession with making a mess probably stems from childhood trauma but first came to the attention of the public in 1969 when he was arrested for covering an entire street in Munich with rubbish and paper, a stunt he repeated in Venice, 1976 and New York, 1983, creating a paper river through the city using old issues of the New York Times.

Schult's most celebrated work is his famous 'trash people', made primarily of crushed cans.


Created in 1996, the 1000 strong army of life-sized trash figures has since travelled around the world, making appearances in Red Square, along the Great Wall of China, near the Pyramids of Giza. They've even travelled to Antarctica where passing penguins could be heard tutting and declaring that “there's no accounting for taste”.


‘Big Rig Jig’


Mike Ross used two discarded 18 wheel tankers to create this impossible monstrosity. Big Rig Jig is more than just a sculpture, it's also an observation tower. Visitors to the 2007 Burning Man Festival in Nevada were able to climb to the top via a series of internal ladders. How many of them puked when they got up there? About as many as pissed their pants.



Designed by Paul Bonomini and built by a team of engineers in York, England, 'Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Man' (or WEEE Man) represents the amount of electrical products the average British person discards during a lifetime.


WEEE Man is 7m tall and weighs a staggering 3.3 metric tonnes. He is made from a variety of household electrical goods including 5 fridges, 3 washing machines, 4 lawn mowers, 6 TVs, 15 printers, 12 kettles and 35 mobile phones. You can clearly see a toaster perched on his shoulder and a vacuum cleaner on his chest.


WEEE Man went on display in London in 2005 before being moved to the UK's Eden Project eco-park where he continues to raise awareness about, well, you know, hippie stuff.

Written by Mark Ball – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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