10 Weird Album Covers

  • January 30, 2010
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Kevin Rowland – My Beauty

They say that beauty is skin deep and when I look at this cover I really hope so. Because even if Kevin Rowland is discovering his true self in this picture I really think that he needs to just drop the skirt, because no one needs to see that. I would also wonder just how this album was received and what people started to think about Kevin Rowland when they first saw this cover because he seems like an average man, with the exception of the girly attire.

kevin rowland



Paddy Roberts – Songs for Gay Dogs

With this album cover I am hoping this is an expression that I am unfamiliar with. Because otherwise I do not want to know why he is singing to dogs in the first place, much less why he feels the need to make that distinction. Though I would wonder about his choice of dog because that is probably one of the last breeds of dogs I would expect to turn out gay. I also want to know what is going on on the other side of that couch that we can only see the picture from this side.

paddy roberts



The Beatles – Yesterday and Today

Any fan of the Beatles knows that they have great music but this album cover proves that their judgment is not always the best. After all who would consider approving an album cover like this? Especially considering the type of music that was on the album. I am not sure I will ever understand the reasoning behind this one, but that is really true for all of the covers on this list. This one just happens to be one of the more disgusting and more along the lines of thinking that maybe there were not people you wanted around your young children.

the beatles



Lone Rager – Metal Rap

So creepy guy in a white pillowsheet reading the encyclopedia? Or are they law books? Either way I highly doubt that it would add any clarity to this album cover. I guess the western look is supposed to be for the lone ranger and the metal studded belts are supposed to represent the metal aspect of it, but I’ll leave the rest for you guys to figure out. For the record though I think some sort of drug was involved for the planning in this one.

lone rager



Dean Martin – My Woman, My Woman, My Wife

Now I know old Dean liked to drink a lot but I think it would take quite a bit of liquor to start confusing that dummy with any sort of woman. And a great deal more for this album cover to even begin to make sense. Personally I am a big Dean Martin fan, but even so I would be a little worried about what kind of music would exist on an album like this. Let’s hope that the alcohol only affect his eye sight and not his singing.

dean martin


This list is by no means comprehensive and there are a great deal of album covers that are even stranger than the ones shown here. The reason they did not make the list though is because they can be considered highly offensive by many people. But for now you can simply enjoy these strange covers and as for the others, feel free to look them up yourself…they can be truly bizarre.

Written by Stephanie Schoppert – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com