10 Urban Legends Some People Actually Still Believe

  • March 08, 2014
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It’s always fun to talk about myths and legends. In a lot of cases, they’re simply more fun than reality. Of course now and then a fake story will get passed around as fact despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. Most of these stories are easy enough to debunk, but now and then you run into some that seem just plausible enough to be real.


There Are Gators in the New York Sewers

For years and even decades, there have been rumors saying that in the sewers running beneath New York City, there are alligators swarming all over the place, just waiting for some unfortunate soul to wander down and become a late night snack. This comes from the ridiculous idea that people were frequently buying baby alligators only to basically flush them down the toilet, which allowed them to survive and grow to adulthood in the muck beneath the city. Obviously, this is completely false. There are no gators beneath NYC. Now, C.H.U.D.’s, on the other hand…


Walt Disney is Cryogenically Frozen

Walt Disney is arguably the most powerful person in show business history. In fact, if you take into account how far reaching his empire has become, with acquisitions of, among other things, television stations like ABC and ESPN, it’s almost impossible not to encounter at least one thing that’s Disney owned on a day to day basis. A longtime urban legend is that when Disney passed away, he had his body cryogenically frozen, kind of like in the movie Demolition Man. However, it’s not at all true, so if Simon Phoenix ever terrorizes San Angeles we won’t be able to turn to Uncle Walt to kick his ass for us.


Mr. Rogers was a Navy SEAL

Let’s be honest here, Fred Rogers was one incredibly awesome dude for so very many reasons. One reason a lot of people try to perpetuate his awesomeness is by spreading the story that he was actually a Navy SEAL, or possibly a Marine Scout Sniper. Well, the fact that people are trying to say he was both of those things should probably tip you off to the fact that he wasn’t either. In fact, he never served in the military in any capacity despite so many rumors to the contrary. That’s probably a bad thing for mankind, however, because if anyone could convince both sides to lay down their arms, it’s Mr. Rogers.


People are Always Stealing Tourist Kidneys

One of the most famous urban legends, which is one of the most terrifying because it’s just plausible enough to be true, is that tourists are always finding themselves getting drugged and left in a bathtub filled with ice, their organs – in particular their kidneys – having been harvested to be sold on the black market. This urban legend really found its footing in the 1990’s, with it really spreading in New Orleans beginning in 1997, though that obviously isn’t where the myth started. And not a single bit of it is even remotely true, largely due to the fact that in many of the supposed cases, both kidneys are taken, which would obviously kill the victim.


Santa Claus was Invented by Coke

For various reasons, Coke has always been linked to Christmas imagery, thanks to a series of strong advertisements that included Santa Claus. In fact, the Coke version of Santa has become so ingrained in people’s minds that it’s gotten to the point where people actually convinced that the modern version of Santa that we all know and love (as long as he hooks us up with some awesome swag) was in fact created by Coke’s marketing team. However, the same jolly, bearded, red velour wearing fat guy we’ve come to associate with Santa had already been around for years before Coke started using that image.