10 Unsexy Album Covers

  • May 04, 2010
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Ted Nugent – Love Grenade

Question: how does one make the transformation from guitar enthusiast:

ted nugent01

To patient suffering from Cat Scratch Fever:

ted nugent02

To oh my god what the hell happened to Ted Nugent:

ted nugent03

When you look back, he looked kind of like a guy who would stuff grenades in the mouth of a naked woman bound and spread on a platter. I think it's in the mustache, really. But there's a certain level of extreme you simply can't jump to without crossing certain lines. In this case, one such line is having to wonder whether or not being aroused by the cover makes you an accessory to a horrible, horrible crime.


Kevin Rowland – My Beauty

kevin rowland

Kevin Rowland is perhaps best remembered as the man who fronted Dexy's Midnight Runners, the band that brought you “Come On Eileen.” For his second solo effort, Rowland decided to appear in drag. By his own account he wanted to show his own inner beauty with the image but most people accept the explanation that he wanted to generate some easy controversy to boost sales numbers. No matter what his reasoning was, his plan had one fatal flaw: he's Kevin Rowland. Seriously, did you even know his name before reading this? When My Beauty was released in 1999 it had been eleven years since his last album. Why should anyone care that the guy who sang Hey Geno is pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire? I don't care if that necklace does show off his elegant, crane-like neck. He should have known better.


Herbie Mann – Push Push

herbie mann

You know what they say about flutists: they're covered in a thick coat of body hair and sweat profusely for unidentified medical reasons. Now I'm just your average handsome and heterosexual male here, so I know I'm not the target demographic for oil gentlemen or flutes. But I showed this image to several of my female acquaintances and if their reactions are any indication this is not a sexy man. In fact, their screams and threats of restraining orders lead me to believe that Herbie Mann is criminally unsexy.


Prince – Sexuality/Controversy


Fun fact: Prince once lost a bet to the Village People which lead to the above cover image. Okay, so that probably isn't true, but I'm pretty sure David Hodo would like his mustache back regardless.


Tino – For the First Time


I don't know who Tino is. Frankly, I don't want to know. Someone who attempts to seduce women by flaunting his wedding ring can't be too well balanced an individual. A man who wears denim shorts that revealing either has a part time job at the Golden Banana or spends his days lounging on his porch in a suit made entirely of people skin.

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