10 Unexpected Side Gigs of Famous People

  • February 15, 2014
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Believe it or not, celebrities tend to have a lot of downtime when they aren’t recording an album or shooting a movie. Sure, it can be grueling to work on a TV show for several months in a row, but what happens when you don’t have another gig lined up? You work on hobbies and, if necessary, you find a second job to occupy your time. Some second jobs are a little more surprising than others, of course.


Lana Del Rey is a Babysitter

Lana Del Rey is a pop singer, musician, and occasional model who shot to fame thanks largely to YouTube, after she created a video for one of her songs and released it on the behemoth website, with the song becoming a smash sensation. However, whenever she’s not recording or touring and returns to her hometown of New York City, she goes back to her old job that she held before she became famous. What’s that job? Babysitting. Yeah, a world famous singer babysits a little kid twice per week in her downtime.