10 Unexpected Side Gigs of Famous People

  • February 15, 2014
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Kevin Costner Created Technology Bought by BP

Okay, so Kevin Costner didn’t actually create the technology. It’s not like he was down in a laboratory getting hands on. However, over the years Costner has funded a technology that separates oil from water in an effort to help clean up oil spills. When BP made rather horrible headlines after their disastrous spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back, they went to Costner and bought his technology for a cool $24 million.


Nick Offerman Builds Boats

If you’ve ever watched Parks and Recreation, you’ll know that Nick Offerman, better known as Ron Swanson, is a true man’s man. It’s kind of his stock and trade at this point. But it’s not just an act, as it turns out. Offerman is a pretty renowned carpenter and woodworker, and in his spare time he builds boats. Heck, he’s even written a book about how to craft a canoe. There’s manly men, and then there’s Nick Offerman.


Peter Weller is a Professor

You may not recognize the name Peter Weller immediately, but if we mention that he was the original RoboCop you’ll immediately know who he is, and that he’s awesome. What you probably didn’t know is that in addition to being one of the most iconic action characters in movie history, Weller has also taught courses in ancient history at Syracuse University, where he earned his master’s degree in Roman and Renaissance Art in 204.


Dan Aykroyd is a Real Life Ghostbuster

Dan Aykroyd hasn’t been doing a ton of acting lately, but the comedian famous for playing one of the Ghostbusters has certainly kept busy over the years. In addition to owning a vodka company and serving as a legitimate sheriff’s deputy, he’s also a real ghost hunter. In fact, ghost hunting has run in his family for several generations, which certainly helps explain where his inspiration for Ghostbusters came from in the first place.


Daniel Day-Lewis Makes Shoes

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Daniel Day-Lewis would adopt any unusual side jobs, considering he’s notoriously method in his approach to acting and spends every waking moment in character, right down to gaining expertise in various vocations and skills. However, in the 1990’s, for no acting related reasons, Day-Lewis decided to take a break and learn how to cobble shoes. He actually apprenticed in Florence, Italy, under famous Italian shoemaker Stefano Bemer, whose work retails for hundreds of dollars for a single pair.

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