10 Times the World Didn’t Stop Revolving

  • March 22, 2010
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When Worlds Won’t Collide

In 1974 The Jupiter Effect written by John Gribben and Stephen Plagemann became a best seller with a grim prediction of what would happen in March 1982 when an alignment of the major planets on the same side of the sun would according to them trigger the end of the Earth in a series of spectacular earthquakes and explosions.




She wasn’t all that good

Also in the 1980’s Jeane Dixon queen of the predications made a dozy in 1970 that a comet would strike the Earth at some point during the mid-80’s. She claimed to know the spot where it would land, but wouldn’t tell. That info wasn’t to be released until some future date, but it doesn’t matter any longer because of course as you are still here reading this it DIDN’T HAPPEN.

not that good


1996 was a great year, but not that great

Forget partying like it is 1999, 1996 was the year some believed the bible foretold the end of the world. Again, breathe in, breathe out. We’re still here.

1996 was great


OK, now really party like it’s 1999

The world was supposed to end according to experts on Nostradamus who found a Quatrain numbered X-72 which states: “The year 1999, seven months, From the sky will come a great King of Terror…yada yada yada” end of the world, big explosions…you know the story. Did not happen.

like 1999


The Y2K Bug that didn’t even need a can of Raid

The apocalyptic tale went that all of man’s technology would run amok as the clock tipped from 1999 to 2000. Planes would fall from the sky; microwaves would escape the ovens, all the money would be locked up forever as banks would lose their records. And again if you check around so far, other than an occasional blip the world is running smoothly along now going on ten years later.


So, while ancient Maya legends that the world only lasts until 2012 might sound convincing the record of predictions vs the World remains steadfastly in the our favor so far. Just to be sure it might be a good idea for the next two years to enjoy every sunset, every moment of health and every instant of joy you can. Chances are good the world will still be here in 2013, but there is no such guarantee you will.

Written by Stephanie Schoppert – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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