10 Strange Fast-Food Items From Around the World

  • September 29, 2017
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Shrimp Tree (East Asia)

From the “no such thing as too much” school of thought comes the shrimp tree: a burger made of five fried shrimp patties piled on a bun with tarter sauce. But Lotteria has a history of ridiculously tall burgers. Another offering substitutes the shrimp with beef and places cheese on top of each patty.


Waffle Taco (North America)

Taco Bell is always trying to tap the market of weird food combinations, so the taco waffle is surprisingly mundane: a waffle wrapped around sausage, eggs, cheese and bacon. It’s basically breakfast, right? Yet the item was killed within a year of introduction, stunting the franchise's attempts to break into breakfast. Was it to ordinary?


Gracoro Burger (Japan)

Japan has a reputation for strange fast food. Its as though restaurants will try any idea at least once. But the Gracoro burger has to be the oddest in a while: the patty is a blend of shrimp and macaroni, served with white sauce. Is it even a burger at all?


Super Pan Pizza (Malaysia)

Pizza Hut's crust madness goes well beyond the Super Pan, but it's worth a mention. The crust is thick all around, but the the real selling point is the crust: stuffed with cheese and a garlic sauce, it's shown to ooze with every bite. Not the most appetizing way to show a pizza.


Sprout Surprise Whopper (UK)

The 2010/2011 holiday season was met with apathy by those in the UIK when Burger King unveiled the Sprouts Surprise Whopper. It was just a standard Whopper with an extra patty made of Brussel sprouts. This wasn’t a joke despite what the public thought, and the company was surprised that the limited time offer was met with such a response.