10 Strange Fast-Food Items From Around the World

  • September 29, 2017
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On its face fast-food is really simplistic. It's always been basic items made cheap and served quickly. But what qualifies as “simplistic” changes depending on where you are in the world. Here's a quick list of ten of the strangest fast-food items from around the world.

#3 is trying way too hard.


Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza Crust (Various)

Stuffed crust may be the greatest innovation in pizza since the discovery of the mini bagel. But have we opened Pandora’s box? When we forgo cheese in favor of hot dogs, the answer is “yes, very yes.” Depending on what part of the world you’re in this delicacy more closely resembles the traditional pigs in a blanked than it does a pizza.


Windows 7 Whopper (Japan)

Imagine a whopper made with seven patties. No other bells or whistles: just a giant version of the iconic hamburger. This special promotion was meant to celebrate the release of windows 7. Can you picture actually getting your mouth wrapped around it?


Buffalo Chip Doughnut (United States)

The doughnut tinkerers at Tim Hotron’s concocted this hodgepodge of snacks for the 2014 New York State Fair. The yeast doughnut features buffalo sauce, crushed chips sprinkled on top, and ranch dressing, all of which makes sense if it weren’t served via pastry.


Double Down Dog (Philippines)

The infamy of KFC’s Double Down assumed an even weirder form as it traveled overseas. The strangest of all is the Double Down Dog, which is a hot dog wrapped in a piece of fried chicken complete with sauce and cheese. It was only available in select restaurants, fifty per location.


McAfrika (Norway)

The bare bones of this sandwich are a burger and salad wrapped in pita bread (McDonald’s says this is based on a traditional African dish). But protest resulted almost instantly since it was advertised, mostly due to timing: large parts of Africa were experiencing famine and starvation at the time it was released. Rather than pull the sandwich McDonald’s instead allowed aid workers and protesters to collect money and advertise at participating stores.