8 of the Strangest Uses for Drones

  • April 05, 2016
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Document Delivery

In 2014 the United Arab Emirates announced plans to deliver official government documents via drones, cutting down on travel for the recipient and, over time, the expense of sending out such documents in the future. But because these are potentially sensitive documents the plans also include retina and fingerprint scanners as high-tech security measures.



Obviously drones are useful for doing a lot of menial labor, such as spraying crops, but the ability to take high resolution images can allow farmers to better target problem areas and use resources more efficiently, making farms more productive and profitable in the long run.


Tooth Removal

Though it's not likely to become a regular feature with your local dentist, YouTube has a few videos of people using drones for the purpose of tooth removal. It's seems crazy but appears to work quite well, and those having the “operation” done on them don't appear to be in any pain during or after.


The Swarm

In a way this one is almost self-defeating, but it's still cool: a man in the United Kingdom built a hovercraft out of fifty-four drones. It can carry just over three-hundred pounds, flies for ten minutes and can reach a height of only fifteen feet, but maybe this is the first step into something even greater.