8 of the Strangest Uses for Drones

  • April 05, 2016
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Drones aren't going away anytime soon. Though once thought of as weapons of war they've found their way into the consumer market, giving civilians the chance to pilot the machines themselves. So how has Joe Everyman re-purposed drones? This list covers ten of the more creative and unconventional ways drones have invaded our lives and may change the future.

If you think police have it easy, you clearly haven't heard about #9.



Drone racing sees the pilots control the drones from afar, viewing the course from the drone's perspective. There's some controversy in the racing community as to whether or not it should be considered a sport since the pilots are only involved via remote control. But you can't deny that it takes a lot of skill to fly these properly.


Storm Chasing

The scientific communities is able to use drones to study and photograph storms in new ways. Drones are able to position themselves in ways previously unreachable, thus collecting data that other instruments cannot. Given the added bonus of keeping researchers a safe distance from the storms themselves it seems likely that storm chasing drones will eventually see mass use.


Food Delivery

You're likely familiar with the Tacocopter, the drone-based taco delivery service. But others are slowly singing on board with the idea. London's Yo! Sushi has used drones for delivery, for example. But in at least one instance involving the Lakemaid Beer Brewery the FAA has stepped in and put a stop to the fun, so depending on where you live this use of delivery drones may forever remain a dream.



The Swiss Federal Institute were able to use three drones to build a suspension bridge that can actually be walked across. The intricate maneuvers were no issue for those controlling the machines.