10 of the Strangest Disappearances Ever

  • September 18, 2017
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Sadly to say, people disappear all the time, but some disappearances transcend usual tragedy to become enduring mysteries due to their circumstances. These are ten of the strangest examples.

Can You Solve These 10 Bizarre Disappearances?


Joan Risch (1960)

When this homemaker vanished in October evidence pointed towards murder or forced disappearance. But despite this nothing has been proven. Making matters more complicated (and leading many to believe that it was all an elaborate hoax) was the discovery that Risch had taken out numerous books about staged disappearances over the prior year.


Barbara Follett (1939)

By the age of fourteen Follett had published two critically successful novels, but she also saw her dreams as having falling apart during her parents divorce. When she felt her own marriage was going south she left her home with thirty dollars and was never seen again. A bungled missing person’s bulletin meant the media didn’t report accurately on the case until the Sixties.


Jim Robinson (1979)

Robinson was a last-minute replacement to fight Muhammad Ali in 1961, making him Ali’s fourth pro opponent. He lost in the first round and racked up few wins over the next seven years. His last known interview was in 1979; all attempts to locate him after that have ended in failure.


Peter Winston (1978)

This junior chess champion banished at twenty years of age. After suffering startling loses at two tournaments he left his home empty-handed during a severe snowstorm. Friends have suggested his mental state had deteriorated in the previous two years, with some going so far as to say substance abuse was the cause.


D.B. Cooper (1971)

Cooper pulled off the greatest heist in the history of aviation, netting two-hundred thousand dollars before parachuting out of the plane he hijacked in poor weather conditions. It's assumed that he didn't survive. But despite some of the bills from his heist being found in a riverbank years later, there's no evidence of his own fate (or what happened with to the rest of the money).