10 of the Most Incredible 3D Printed Objects

  • April 12, 2017
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3D printing technology has evolved so rapidly that it seems that you can print nearly anything and it will function. This list is merely a sampling of the coolest things 3D printers are capable of making.

Can you stomach #4?”


3D Printers

RepRap dared to dream of a world where 3D printers would self-replicate. After years of research they managed to get the process to the point where their custom printer would create all but a few of the pieces needed to print another version of their printer. Though revolutionary at the time, the emergence of the commercial printer market and its constantly dropping prices meant that RepRap’s commercial possibilities fell to the wayside.



While it doesn’t sound very comfortable, at least one retailer has proven that it’s possible (and expensive) to print beachwear. Made to order, Continuum Fashion uses small plates and springs to create mesh-like articles. A far cry from sunglasses and shoes, a more popular 3D printing choice, but it could catch on.



Various car bodies and frames have been created with 3d printing, but where it really shines is in race cars. It’s not just an impressive feat: The plastic materials involved help to make the vehicle faster overall.



As in, actual edible meat for humans. Modern Meadow has been working away at utilizing the technology to feed people while minimizing the environmental impact that comes with producing meat.



At first you wouldn’t think a 3D printed gun would be of much use. Early designs broke after firing a few rounds. But the method has since been improved to the point where people can create auto and semi-auto guns with the devices. However, depending on where you live doing so could be illegal.