10 Nonagenarians Who Broke World Records

  • June 08, 2010
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George Alfred Blair

george alfred blair

He is also known as Banana George because of his yellow banana-like swimsuits. George, at 95 years old, is the World’s oldest barefoot water-skiier. George learned to ski at the age of 46 and holds many records and awards. By profession, George is a successful businessman and believes in leading an active and adventurous life.


Mae Laborde

mae laborde

Mae is the World’s oldest Hollywood actress, who started her acting career at the age of 93. Mae Laborde, who is now 101 year old, appears frequently on "Talkshow” with Spike Feresten.


Bill Tapia

bill tapia

At 102 years young, Bill Tapia is World’s oldest musician. Bill Tapia started his music career at the age of 10. He is the only musician alive who played “the Stars and Stripes Forever” in WWI, a fact that has brought him popularity and commercial success. Bill Tapia is also known as the Duke of Uke and performed with music legends like Elvis Presly, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong. At the age of 102, Bill still performs live for his fans.


Lucille Borgen

lucille borgen

The 94 year old Lucille Borgen is the oldest female water skiier who took part in the US National Water Skiing Championships, which is considered to be world’s largest water skiing competition. Lucille is a polio and cancer survivor, which caused complete loss of vision in her left eye. However, Lucille amazed the crowd with her amazing slalom and tricks.


Trent Lane

trent lane

Trent Lane became the oldest PhD candidate at the age of 95. He travels with his personal single-engine plane and pursued his doctrate in Physics. Trent Lane is an active sportsman and holds many records in javelin, discus as well as in track and field.

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