10 Flying Cars (That Are “Just Around the Corner”)

  • October 20, 2010
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SAMSON Motorworks Switchblade


I have seen quite a few shops in my day, and I can tell by the pixels this thing is legit.

A relative newcomer, the Switchblade is a three wheeled, single engine and fan convertible vehicle. Well, it would be, if it existed anywhere in real life. It hopes to reach 110 mph on ground and 150 mph in air, with fully retractable wings and tail fins. It’s the perfect choice for anybody who hasn’t seen an episode of Mr. Bean.


La Biche FSC-1


Pretty sure this was on an episode of the Simpsons.

Designed to be a fully transitioning car-to-plane vehicle, the FSC-1 (or Flying Sports Car... One) is more delightful vaporware. The makers promise you’ll never get stranded or risk flying in bad weather again... unless you run out of gas of course. Or if you crash. Or if the vehicle never gets past the “research phase”.


I-TEC I-Fly Maverick


Sometimes being a maverick is more than being a crazy Alaskan beauty queen.

Another example of the “light dune-buggy with parafoil” system, but this one is funded by Christians! No, they’re not scouting for heaven, instead the Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center (shouldn’t that be IPTAEC?) wants to help indigenous churches convert the hell out of some pagans, or whatever. The use of a 22 foot mast also allows it to have a huge powered parachute, making it able to operate in conditions similar designs can’t. Or won’t. At least it’s not powered by angels or lies told to children.


Aerocar 2000


One hell of a piggyback.

The original Aerocar was created in the 1950’s, and actually flew, although it was pretty impractical and basically the same thing as a light aircraft except clunkier. The concept behind the Aerocar 2000 is to have a regular, high performance car lock in to a plane body like Voltron and allow the user to take off for the skies. Solving the problems with weight and aerodynamics are probably still on the to-do list.


Motopod LLC


The future is here and... underwhelming.

Probably the closest thing we’ll actually have to a flying car is this pretender to the throne and others like it. The Motopod uses a specially made, removable pod to carry cargo on personal aircraft. They combine this “breakthrough” with foldable motorcycles, which allows you to fly to a destination and then bike the rest of the way there. They emphasize the speed of the transition, but fail to give a reason you can’t just rent a motorcycle while you’re at your destination. As of right now, this is about as good as you’ll get. Sad.

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