10 Female Video Game Characters Who Are More Than Just Eye Candy

  • October 16, 2013
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Alyx Vance, Half-Life 2:

Players of Half-Life 2 and its expansions will quickly become attached to Alyx Vance, as she accompanies and assists the player through a wide variety of missions. Unlike similar helpers in other games, though, Alyx is not dead weight or simply for show and can often be quite useful in completing the game’s objectives.

This is not just a gameplay element. It speaks to Alyx’s toughness and competence as a person. She is skilled in fighting, hacking, and robotics, and has even constructed a gigantic, cybernetic “dog” to help protect herself.

alyx vance


Cate Archer, No One Lives Forever franchise:

Tough and quick-witted, ‘60s super spy Cate Archer is a character as charming and entertaining as the games she starred in.

Cate is a female operative in a time where women where hardly trusted to be anything more than secretaries, let alone given the responsibility of saving of the world. She has to battle gender stereotypes as much as she does her opponents, the mysterious terrorists of H.A.R.M. But she handles both with equal skill, deflecting all criticisms with her acerbic wit as easily as she dispatches her enemies with her weapons and gadgets.

Cate Archer is as attractive as any Lara Croft type, but unlike those characters, she doesn’t need her looks to be likable. Her personality is all that she needs to shine.

cate archer


Sarah Kerrigan, Starcraft franchise:

Often considered one of the greatest video game characters of all time, Sarah Kerrigan is a woman with a long and tragic history.

Abducted at a young age for her telepathic abilities and inducted into a nightmarish training program, Sarah become a ghost, a type of psionic assassin, for the Confederacy of Man. She was eventually freed from this bondage by the rebel leader Arcturus Mengsk, but when he finally defeated the Confederacy, he left her to die at the hands of the alien Zerg.

But Kerrigan didn’t die. The Zerg took her and modified her body and mind, making her into one of them. She became the Queen of Blades, a godlike being of pure hatred and sadism. She served the Zerg Overmind as its most powerful agent, and when the Overmind was killed, Sarah took its place as head of the Zerg Swarm, eventually becoming one of the most feared figures in the galaxy.

Whether as a heroic ghost or as an alien monster, Sarah Kerrigan is one of the most fascinating and terrifying characters ever to set foot in a video game.

sarah kerrigan


Samus Aran, Metroid franchise:

Intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran spends most of her time in an androgynous “Power Suit,” which led most gamers to believe the character was male. Imagine their surprise when the suit finally opened to reveal an attractive young woman.

Starring in the famous Metroid series, Samus is one of the most iconic video game characters of either gender. But while she is shown to be quite beautiful when she finally takes offer her suit — something which has become a tradition at the end of these games or when the player accomplishes special feats — she doesn’t rely on her looks for her fame. She is a skilled warrior and accomplished athlete, and capable of defeating all manner of aliens and space pirates.

samus aran



As much as pre-established characters have their place, video games as a medium are ultimately about immersion, about throwing you into the action. Thus, the greatest video game characters are the ones you create yourself.

Whether you’re carefully designing your avatar in a massively multiplayer game or guiding a character through the branching missions and conversations of a game like Mass Effect, the love you put into your characters ultimately makes them more real than any character made by someone else.

This level of devotion automatically makes the character much more than some pretty pixels on a screen, and the more thought you put into your decisions and role-play, the more alive and well-rounded the character will be. The sky is the limit, and this is why the characters you create are #1 on this list.


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