10 Crafty Way to Cheat on a Test - Students Are Getting More and More Creative With Cheating

  • November 14, 2016
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Break the Rules

Got an injury? Can you fake one? Pen the answers right on your cast to help the healing the process. You can mask the notes with well wishes and signatures to better cover your tracks.


Sneak a Peek

If you're feeling risky (or risque?) you can try hiding your notes on the inside of your shirt. Note: this may get you extra unwanted attention.


Calculators: the Old Smart Phones

If working with math, you'll probably be using a calculator. If you're using a scientific calculator, you can actually save notes (in the form of equations) as a program and retrieve it later. You can also erase it easily in a pinch.


A Quick (Ick) Fix

Say you have a large bandage. Why not write the answer on the underside and “change” bandages during the test?


Take The First Step

If you've got slip-on shoes (or sandals) you can scribble some answers on your soles. You'll already be looking down, right?