10 Bizarre Pairs of Underwear

  • November 01, 2009
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Love Note Panties

The French are always thinking of new ways to be more romantic. With this pair of barely there panties, you can leave a love note inside the holder for you significant other.

love note panties



Light Up Lingerie

This line of lingerie seems to be the latest trend. With LED lights in both men and women’s styles there will be no problem finding each other in the dark.

light up lingerie



Soda Can Underwear

Designer Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch has designed a lingerie line made from soda can as well as other hardware objects. She insists that these pieces of clothing are just as comfortable as any other pair of underwear out there.

soda can underwear



Golf Ball Underwear

Designer Mio Destino has designed a pair of golf inspired lingerie. The panties have golf tees attached to the side and golf balls lining of the leg. The bra consists of golf balls all over the cups and a score counter as the straps.

golf ball underwear



Candy Underwear

This underwear is made of the same type of candy that candy necklaces are made of. It is very edible and can be quite intriguing to the other person. They have them for both men and women.

candy underwear


There are plenty of bizarre underwear and lingerie pieces out there. It is just how you choose to express your self under your clothes that matters to you and your lover. Maybe you can get a matching set that would make you both happy in the bedroom.

Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com