10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions

  • March 18, 2010
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The Umbrella Tie

As a rain swept island nation, the Japanese are almost as obsessed with the weather as the British. It’s no wonder then that they have invented so many different types of umbrella. From shoe umbrellas to umbrella hats, they’ve done it all. My favorite is this umbrella tie; it’s dual function convenience means that you will no longer have to worry about leaving your umbrella on the bus. Although as a fashion statement it does leave something to be desired.

umbrella tie


Boyfriend and Girlfriend Pillows

Do you miss your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you wish you had one? Having trouble sleeping by yourself? Then why not buy a cuddly quarter of a person to snuggle up to at night. A half torso with arm is available for the girls. For the boys, a soft lap to fall asleep on.

girlfriend pillows


The Urinal Elephant

That’s right, this elephant cleans urinals. All you have to do is push it up against the urinal and it will get to work cleaning out all those stray pubic hairs, leaving your urinal sparkling and minty fresh. The problem is that it’s just so big. Whilst cleaners will be glad of the labour the elephant saves them, businesses will struggle to find a place to store it.

urinal elephant


Sex Chewing Gum

Those crazy guys really do think of everything. They’ve even invented a brand of chewing gum that will increase a man’s sexual performance. It contains ‘plant testosterone’ to make your wood harder. There is also a female verson of the product which promises to make women more attractive. B2Up Bust Up Gum will give your boobs a natural lift if chewed three times a day. Bored secretaries will love it.

sex chewing gum


Eyedrop funnels

There eye drop funnel glasses have to be the most pointless invention to ever come out of Japan. If you can’t aim an eye dropper directly into your eyes then you probably don’t deserve to have eyes in the first place. Perhaps a device that would keep you from blinking would be more useful.

eyedrop funnels

Written by Mark Ball – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com Image Sources

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