10 Bizarre Events and Discoveries

  • April 14, 2010
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Wow! Signal

Unexplained Deep Space Recording

The Universe is defined as everything that physically exists, including all forms of matter, energy, and momentum. A galaxy is a massive, gravitationally bound system that consists of stars and stellar remnants. Over 100 billion galaxies exist in the observable universe. In 1963, Ohio State University began the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project. As part of this project they developed The Big Ear radio telescope. The Big Ear telescope was used to conduct full sky survey’s of outer space in search of extraterrestrial radio sources. On August 15, 1977 The Big Ear telescope recorded a strange narrow band radio burst. The event was documented by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman, who scribbled “WoW!” in the margin of the recorded printout.

wow signal01

The signal came from the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. It was indicative of technological advancement as it stood out distinctly from the background noise of signals from space. The signal bore expected hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-solar system origin. It lasted for a total of 72 seconds and has not been detected since. Seventy-two seconds is the exact length of time it takes for the Earth to rotate the Big Ear satellite through a signal from space. The event registered enormous strength, and the shape of the signal had a strange rise and fall calculation. Many people have speculated that the Wow signal was sent by an advanced civilization. Curiously, it was picked up by only one of the scope’s two detectors. When the second detector covered the same patch of sky three minutes later, it heard nothing.

This indicates that the first beam had detected something that wasn’t there, or that the source of the signal had been shut off or redirected in the intervening time. The event remains the strongest and most clear signal ever received from an unknown source in space, as well as the most fascinating and unexplainable. Its original discoverer Jerry Ehman doesn’t care to speculate on its source, and he remains scientifically skeptical about the incident. People have made claims that an extraterrestrial race was attempting to contact Earth. The official scientific explanation of the event is interstellar scintillation of a weaker continuous signal. The Wow Signal remains a mystery of space.

wow signal02


Ivy League Nude Posture Photos

Why Were These Photos Taken?

In the late 1970s an employee from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, made a startling discovery in a rarely visited room located in a section of Payne Whitney Gymnasium. The employee discovered a large collection of thousands and thousands of nude pictures. The pictures depicted young men that were profiled from the front, side, and rear position. Upon further investigation of the pictures, something disturbing was reported. It seemed that the people in the photos had a bizarre row of sharp metal pins protruding from their spines. It was discovered that the pictures were part of a strange program that was developed in the United States during the 1940s. The program involved taking nude photos of every incoming freshman who attended certain Ivy League and Seven Sisters colleges. These colleges included Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Vassar, Mount Holyoke, and Wellesley College.

The official explanation is that the photos were an attempt to gauge the rate and severity of rickets, scoliosis, and lordosis in the population. The project was run by William Herbert Sheldon and E.A. Hooton who may have been using the data to support their theory on body types and social hierarchy. These explanations have been highly scrutinized. The United States government took swift action and tracked and burned all of the photographs. Many high ranking government officials and prominent members of American society were among the people profiled. The program was active from the 1940s to the 1970s. The Ivy League nude posture photos are an extremely touchy subject among U.S. government officials. However, people have released accounts of their experience.

The freshman were summoned to the top floor of the gym and met by a man dressed in white garments. They were ordered to remove all their clothes and metal pins were placed along their spine. The pictures were labeled the “posture photos” because claims have been made that the metal pins were being used to judge posture. The people whose pins were described as erratic were required to attend posture classes. However, this does not explain why the college students were forced to remove all their clothes and why the event was documented. It seems that this information could have been obtained with only the removal of the shirt. Many people have questioned the official story behind the U.S. Ivy League nude photos. This procedure was not limited to men. Some famous Americans who reportedly had the pictures taken are George Bush, George Pataki, Brandon Tartikoff, Meryl Streep, Hilary Clinton, and Diane Sawyer.

posture photos



The Mystery of the World’s Globsters

A globster is an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of an ocean or other body of water. Many different globsters have been found over the years and the term was coined by Ivan T. Sanderson to describe the Tasmanian carcass of 1960. The Tasmanian carcass measured 20 ft (6.1 m) by 18 ft (5.5 m) and was estimated to weigh between five and ten tons. It was said to have no visible eyes, no defined head, and no apparent bone structure. A globster is distinguished from a normal beached carcass by its strange appearance. Many globsters have been scientifically identified as whales or sharks. However, many of the creatures present such a puzzling appearance that their existence remains controversial, even after being officially categorized. Some globsters lack bones, while others have tentacles, flippers, eyes, or other identifiable features. A variety of these creatures have been described as gigantic octopuses. Many different globsters have been examined after being severely decomposed, leading to unreliable data. Other carcasses have been destroyed, as happened with the famous Cadborosaurus willsi (caddy) carcass, found in 1937.


Caddy is an alleged sea serpent reported to be living on the Pacific Coast of North America. There have been more than 300 claimed sightings of Caddy during the past 200 years. Cadborosaurus willsi is said to resemble a serpent with vertical coils or humps in tandem. It has a horse-like head and long neck. It also has a pair of small elevating front flippers, and a pair of large webbed hind flippers fused to form a large fan-like tail region that provides powerful forward propulsion. The picture of Caddy taken in 1937 is one of the most famous globster photos captured. Some other famous globsters include the Hebrides Blob, which was discovered in 1990 on Benbecula beach in the Hebrides, Scotland. The New Zealand Globster is a large unidentified carcass that washed ashore at Muriwai, on the west coast of North Island, New Zealand, in 1968. The Tasmanian Globster 2 was discovered in 1970. Pictures of this globster have mysteriously disappeared. In 1997, the Four Mile Globster washed ashore Four Mile Beach in Tasmania. Many of these creatures remain a complete mystery.