10 Amazing Lego Sculptures

  • November 11, 2010
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Lego Inauguration

To celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States, Legoland California created this enormous diorama. If you look closely you can spot George Bush in the crowd, looking slightly miffed.


Remember the slip up during the oath of office? Well here it is again...


Thousands of Americans turned out to witness this momentous occasion in American history, so as you can imagine, the queues for the toilets were horrendous.


After the ceremony, Lego Obama and his Lego wife took the presidential helicopter to the Lego White House for celebratory Lego sex.



Lego London

The UK's Legoland Windsor boasts an incredible Lego mock-up of the city of London. While some of the city's less interesting buildings have been left out, all the key components are there, reconstructed with amazing accuracy.


The Lego city features such famous landmarks as Nelson's Column, Big Ben, Canary Warf, the Aubergine, St Pauls Cathedral and Buckingham Palace.


For the benefit of any Americans readers, we'd like to point out that the real London is much bigger than this.


Lego Vegas

Of course, the Americans had to go one up and have recreated the Las Vegas strip at their Legoland Park in California. While it could be said that the real Las Vegas is little more than a huge non-Lego reconstruction of the world's most famous buildings, this is still very impressive.



Legoland California is also home to a Lego recreation of New York. However, while this is the largest Lego city ever built, it's oversized grey tower-blocks buildings simply aren't as impressive. Stop showing off America. We could all build a big grey box if we had enough bricks.



Lego Car

You might have to look twice before you realize that this car is made from Lego. This is another amazing creation by Legoland California in partnership with Volvo cars. It weighs 2,930 pounds and took 201,425 bricks to build. It's an exact, life-sized model of a Volvo XC90.

If you are wondering how anybody could possibly stretch their mind enough to even plan such a massive construction, you won't be surprised to find out that they cheated. For large-scale constructions such as this, Lego uses a special computer program to create a schematic.



James May's Lego House

In 2009 British TV presenter James May built the world's first full-sized Lego house, complete with flushing toilet, working shower and uncomfortable Lego bed.


The aim was to build the house using nothing but Lego. However, the roof, stairs and upper level posed a structural problem and James was forced to improvise, installing a wooden frame with supporting joists to hold his weight. To prove that the house was habitable he spent the night there but quickly realized that the building wasn't watertight.


When the project was complete, James tried to sell the house but nobody wanted it due to the expenses involved in relocating it. A contract with Lego, who supplied over 500,000 bricks, forbade the BBC from giving the house away, so it had to be torn down instead.

Written by Mark Ball – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.com

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