10 Absolutely Baffling Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

  • April 10, 2014
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Jake Gyllenhaal in a Vampire Weekend Video

It’s not so much that Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in a Vampire Weekend video that is baffling, it’s more the role he’s playing in the video for a song called Giving Up the Gun. In the video, Gyllenhaal plays an apparently psychotic tennis player, and to make the video even more bizarre, it also features cameos from people like Joe Jonas, Lil Jon, and the Wu Tang Clan’s own RZA. Sometimes you just have to go for broke with your celebrity cameos, apparently, and we guess that includes having Jake Gyllenhaal dressed up like a crazy version of John McEnroe.


Danica Patrick in a Jay-Z Video

At this point we should just accept that stunt casting exists for a lot of reasons, including mixing two groups of people you’d never expect to ever run in the same circles. Take for instance combining the world of NASCAR with the Jay-Z’s hip hop empire, as is what happened when Danica Patrick showed up in Jay-Z’s video for the song Show Me What You Got. And because we apparently need a constant reminder of what it is Danica Patrick does for a living, she’s driving a car in the video.


Natalie Portman in a Devendra Banhart Video

Your first question is probably, “who the hell is Devendra Banhart?” And frankly, we’re not really sure, other than the fact that he used to date Natalie Portman. So you can probably figure out why she popped up in the video for his song Carmensita. Banhart, a folk artist, decided that it would be cool to make his video as close to being Bollywood as possible, and that’s where this cameo from Portman gets a little weird. Portman goes full Bollywood princess, with the premise of the video apparently that she has to…save Banhart’s beard, we guess? Seriously, that’s what the video is about. In fairness, the beard is apparently “rebellious” so, you know, it is clearly in dire need of saving.


Zach Galifianakis in a Kanye West Video

Before Zach Galifianakis blew up thanks to the success of the movie The Hangover, he was still just a bit of an under the radar standup comedian who had appeared in a couple movies and TV shows here and there, but was largely an unknown. Still, in 2007, Kanye West still cast Galifianakis in his video for the song Can’t Tell Me Nothin’, in which Galifianakis plays a very strange farmer just kind of running around doing bizarre stuff. According to Galifianakis, they shot it on his own farm in North Carolina, and he and his friend, an indie folk musician named Will Oldham, basically just got drunk and started messing around, and that’s what wound up on the screen.


Ron Howard in a Jamie Foxx Video

First of all, did you guys realize that Jamie Foxx had a music career? Some of you probably did but then quickly forgot it, or more likely, pushed it out of your minds. Back in 2009, Foxx put together a video for his song Blame It, and in addition to Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal – yep, him again – the video also features, rather inexplicably, Ron Howard. Yes, the guy who played Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham is featured pretty prominently in a club scene in a video about blaming things on alcohol. Our little Opie is, indeed, all grown up.

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