20 Creepiest Abandoned Hospitals From Around the World
Misc / 17 Apr, 2014

20 Creepiest Abandoned Hospitals From Around the World

20 Creepiest Abandoned Hospitals From Around the World

20 Creepiest Abandoned Hospitals From Around the World

7 Weird Ways People Try to Get Drunk
Lifestyle / 13 Apr, 2014

7 Weird Ways People Try to Get Drunk

7 Weird Ways People Try to Get Drunk

7 Weird Ways People Try to Get Drunk

8 Ways Science Says Sex Is the Best Medicine
Lifestyle / 12 Apr, 2014

8 Ways Science Says Sex Is the Best Medicine

8 Ways Science Says Sex Is the Best Medicine

8 Ways Science Says Sex Is the Best Medicine

10 Absolutely Baffling Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos
Pop Culture / 10 Apr, 2014

10 Absolutely Baffling Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

10 Absolutely Baffling Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

10 Absolutely Baffling Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

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We’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: people love the idea of surviving in a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead is the biggest show on television, and games like Left 4 Dead are as popular as ever. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that people are taking the next steps in...

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9 Iconic Movie Lines You Probably Didn’t Know Were Improvised

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One of the things that set a good movie apart from a great one is the screenplay. A well written movie has crackling dialogue and an intriguing plot, and you find yourself quoting your favorite moments over and over as those fantastic lines become a part of the pop culture lexicon. However...

8 Movies With TV Spinoffs You Didn’t Know Existed

11 Mar, 2014

Now and then, a movie will come along that makes people want to see even more of the story behind the characters and settings, and some intrepid young combination of producers and writers will turn it into a television series. Of course, it’s typically less successful than you might hope, and in...

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We regular people look up to celebrities, because those are the people with the talent, skill, money, and influence we all wish we had. Yet we sometimes forget that celebrities are just people like us, with many of the same flaws and shortcomings. And in some cases, those flaws and shortcomings are...